Fantasy Shorts: A GURPS Podcast
A GURPS roleplay podcast
About Us

About the Podcast

We started this podcast mostly because we had been playing GURPS and other roleplay games for a long time together (some longer than others), and we wanted to both start another campaign, and maybe introduce some new folks to this game system that we love to play!

About Brett

About Eliane

Pronouns: they/them
I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 2016(?) when I met Garth and Mariah at our local community college's gaming club (yes, I went specifically to find people to teach me how to play D&D). Since then Garth and Mariah have introduced me to several systems including Deadlands and GURPS. This is also how I met Brett!
In Sirris (our first campaign of Fantasy Shorts) I play Horatio, who is a very soft college boy, is also a tiefling, and asexual, none of which is surprising to anybody who knows me and the kinds of characters I enjoy.
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About Garth

Pronouns: He/Him
I started tabletop roleplays around 2009. I started with Dungeons and Dragons 4.5e and have loved D&D ever since. After playing D&D, me and my group expanded to other systems and found GURPS.
In Sirris I play Sova: a Nonbinary Physician, Necromancer, and Magical Scientist. Tumblr

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